Naturally Wired SiteWorks is proud to announce the launch of the new website for Visual Media in St. Cloud MN at

Visual Media is a central Minnesota based property and real-estate photography and videography company. Their work is incredible and an asset to anyone looking to market home and commercial property.

Thank you to Visual Media’s ownership, Brady Hughs and Rick Anderson and the great work of our designer Klaressa and developer JD.

About Visual Media:

“The company that changes the traditional way an industry operates in a new and effective way.

Let us offer a glimpse into our world, our culture, our mission. In February 2019, Rick Anderson and Brady Hughs saw an opportunity to dare we say…disrupt. The goal was lofty; the vision was ambitious. Redefine an industry, do it different, do it better, and do it right.

We assembled a team of dreamers, like-minded people – a group who believed that the impossible was possible and who looked at every turn as an opportunity to question the norm and expect more.

Change started to take shape; the disruption began. Real estate agents representing every price point and area experienced something different and inspiring – something truly special. Sales grew, services and staff increased, and the industry noticed.

All of a sudden we looked around and noticed we were doing it. We were redefining what real estate marketing could be, but we knew we were not done yet. The disruption has just begun and the experience only gets better from here. This new family of dreamers is committed to creating the marketing that others can’t and the experience that others won’t. We are devoted to giving our real estate agents and homeowners a full-service professional marketing solution.”